There are a couple of options when it comes to creating an order on our website: making an order individually or creating one order for the whole team. The important thing to remember is that The Visa Machine doesn't have access to team lists and won't know who you are travelling with. So it is possible that if you and your team mate put different dates on your applications and separate orders you'll end up with different visas.

The simplest way of ensuring that we have got you identical visas would be to make one order for the whole team. That way we'll check the applications and process visas at the same time to ensure the dates on them all as well as the visa types are the same for everyone in the team.

The only thing to remember is that all passports will be returned to the main applicant's home address at the same time. But if you would like to have your passport returned to you earlier/separately we can invoice you additional return postage fees and send the passport back to you directly.

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